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Tax Law and Policy

Get a better sense of the tax requirements, rules and deadlines that apply to expats and U.S. citizens working abroad, so you can be sure you’re up-to-date on your taxes and prepared for the future.

Recent articles & information

U.S. Expats & the Coronavirus Stimulus Checks: Top FAQs for Americans Living Abroad

Are you a U.S. citizen living abroad? Get the answers to all your questions about the who, what, when, and how of the 2020 coronavirus stimulus checks for U.S. expats.

What is FATCA?

What is FATCA? The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act cuts down on tax evasion, and you might be required to file. Find out more from H&R Block.

FBAR & FATCA filing requirements for Americans abroad

Learn more about FBAR and FATCA filing requirements for U.S. expats from the tax experts at H&R Block.

Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program (OVDP)

Learn more about Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program (OVDP) with the Expat tax experts at H&R Block. The IRS discontinued this program in September 2018.